"Every woman, you see, must discover her own individuality and dress in her own style." -Paul Poiret

 Being born a first generation Haitian American, I have always had the expectations to be a successful young woman. I have cherished my love for the arts as a child and was blessed to have parents who safe-guarded that love and gave me all the opportunities they could in order for me to move to New York City to attend Parsons The New School of Design.

This love was made concrete from when I was in pre-college summer academy at the New School and I went to the Metropolitan Museum for the first time. Our instructor took us to the "Poiret: King of Fashion" exhibition and instructed us to sketch what we felt connected to. I was in complete awe of Paul Poiret's stunning creations. To this day I still remember the beautiful silks gowns, fur trimmed evening coats and exotic turbans. This memory serves as a strong foundation for me.

Fashion is not only a reflection of the individual, it is also a reflection of society and culture. Fashion has always been a living and breathing documentation of our world and will always continues to evolve and inspire.