New Year, Same Me, but Better

written by brianna ohno

“Ugh, I slept through the New Year”, “Who cares, it’s just another day”, “You’re going to be the same as last year”, something we’ve heard far too many times. And yes, while January 1st, 2017 is just a second difference from December 31st, 2016...

Why do so many people get excited for the New Year?

Because at the end of the year, we know who our real friends are and going into a new year with them by our side makes the journey that much more exciting. It doesn’t matter that we may have outgrown our “high school BFF”, or gotten into the occasional petty arguments with friends, we’ve endured each other for 365 days. And guess what, in 2017 we’re signing up for more.

Because no matter what day of the year, our family is alway there and we love them so much for it. Let’s be honest. Family can be difficult sometimes. Parents can be annoying and siblings consistently mean. How about that significant other getting on your nerves. It’s ok, take that Tylenol boo! But family is family and we love them. No matter how many times our brother calls that cute new outfit ugly or grandma nags us on when we’re getting married, we know they care and love us too.

Because this year, that job is mine! And nothing will get in the way, not even ourselves. Maybe we didn’t get that promotion. Maybe we were too afraid to go for that job. Or maybe we just didn’t have enough experience. Maybe life just…didn’t go our way. But this year,  we’re better, stronger and wiser than the year before. We’re ready.

Because we have loved, and we have no regrets. or at least none that our intoxicated twenty-something year old brains are willing to remember. Could be we got our hearts broken or maybe did the heart breaking. Perhaps we’ve met the love of our lives, or maybe not. Say we’re ready to just try for something. Either way, in this New Year, we have another shot at love, another chance to see where our current relationship goes, and finally, get that long awaited first kiss with that someone special.

2017! It may be a second difference, but it is a new year. It doesn’t mean all of our doubts have gone away, that all our problems have magically been solved, or our insecurities have been conquered. But it’s a New Year. It’s another opportunity to make things right, be more confident, go for that job, and talk to that person. It’s another chance to make mistakes, as we always do. But more importantly, a chance to learn and grow from them. People shouldn't say “new year, new me” expecting a magical change. They say it because with a new year comes a renewed sense of faith. No matter how good or bad the previous year was, coming into a new year, we all have the opportunity to take a breath and say “This year will be better. This year will be mine!”. And with that, we’ll spring ahead to another year of mystery, another year of excitement, another year of hope and a Happy New Year!