Louis Reign Journal

For those who want to do more then find the perfect outfit. True style is having a great mind and spirit too. This is louis reign Journal., here you can find my thoughts and those of extraordinary people. i hope this journal will inspire us all and be the perfect accessory for our hearts.  -Christine 


New Year, Same Me, but Better

“Ugh, I slept through the New Year”, “Who cares, it’s just another day”, “You’re going to be the same as last year”, something we’ve heard far too many times. And yes, while January 1st, 2017 is just a second difference from December 31st, 2016...

Why do so many people get excited for the New Year?

Because at the end of the year, we know who our real friends are and going into a new year with them by our side makes the journey that much more exciting. It doesn’t matter that we may have outgrown our “high school BFF”, or gotten into the occasional petty arguments with friends, we’ve endured each other for 365 days. And guess what...